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The cases of Marcus Bonna are found in use around the world. The company also has a strong record of social responsibility.  Why would you not want to do business with them? We keep a number of cases in stock finished in black nylon but we specialize in custom orders. 

Nylon or leather, contrasting trim and handles, fiberglass or carbon fiber? The choice is yours. Delivery is not long at all for a product that you will proudly use for many years. 


To order:


Visit this page for your choice of cases.


Next, visit here for your choice of colors and coverings. The possibilities are nearly endless. 


After you choose your case, colors, trim, and material (carbon fiber or fiberglass), please contact us and we will give you a quote and estimated delivery time.

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Hi Notes offers a small, but distinguished, collection of oboes and bassoons for long-term rental.  Please contact us for details as well as pricing.

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